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History of Art

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The Ph.D. degree in History of Art is offered in a wide range of fields from Greek and Roman art and archaeology, to Medieval, Modern, and Contemporary art. The doctoral program provides students with broad training in the history of art and its critical approaches.

Topics and subjects related to visual culture(s) are analysed adopting a multidisciplinary and cross-cutting approach and methodology. The main research and teaching activities are currently devoted to a number of specific issues that include history of Greek vases and painting from the Archaic period onward; wall-painting and book illumination from the Gothic age to Contemporary art, with special attention to the relationship between art and politics and the social role of artists;sculpture and architecture from the Greek and Roman periods to the Renaissance, Modern, and the Contemporary periods.Additional investigations comprise luxury and decorative arts in ancient times and during the 14th and the 16th centuries in Italy; treatises of art and artistic literature through the centuries (from Pliny the Elder to Vasari, and beyond); technique and methods of reproducibility, from the ancient copies to Modern engraving reproductions to the photographic production in the Contemporary art. Finally available research lines include the production and collecting of medallions from the Renaissance; wood carving art during the Gothic and Renaissance periods; history of collections and museums (18th -21st centuries); cultural heritage and its transformations; history of restoration and production of imitations.

Many of these research projects are carried out within the Laboratorio per la Documentazione Storico-Artistica; students will benefit from the presence of SNS research and teaching staff and its technical facilities. The Laboratorio has close collaborations with national and international libraries, museums, and affiliated institutions.

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Massimo Ferretti

Gianfranco Adornato, SNS
Michele Bacci, Université de Fribourg/Universitaet Freiburg
Massimo Ferretti, SNS
Maurizio Ghelardi, SNS
Sonia Maffei, Università di Bergamo
Miriam Fileti Mazza, SNS
Lucia Simonato, SNS