Benedetta Carlotti


Benedetta Carlotti


Short Biography

Benedetta Carlotti is a current PhD student in political science and sociology at the Scuola Normale Superiore in Florence. Much of her current work is focused both on the definition of the concept of Euroscepticism and on its diffusion as a form of opposition to the process of European Integration. The interest is particularly centered on the formation of new parties in opposition toward such process, addressing especially contemporary Western European countries. Other areas of interest regard the development of the definition of populism and its parallel diffusion to the phenomenon of Euroscepticism, focusing on the use of social media such as Facebook by these new parties.



PhD in Political science and sociology, Scuola Normale Superiore, expected 2017

MA in political science, University of Siena, (2013)

Ba in Interpretation and Translation, SSLMIT University of Triest, (2010)


Working papers

“European Parliament Elections 2014: Voters’ Attitude among Protest, Euroscepticism and Populism”. The paper will be presented at the General Conference of ECPR 2015.


Provisional title of the PhD research: The rise of new anti-European parties in West-European countries. A study of the possible social, political and structural causes.