Carlotta Caciagli


Carlotta Caciagli



I was born in Empoli (Florence) in 1988 and I am a doctoral candidate in Political Science at the Scuola Normale Superiore (XXIX cycle). I studied Philosophy at the University of Pisa where I obtained in 2010 my BA and in 2013 my MA degree (both cum laude). My final dissertation was a work titled “Criticizing the domain. An itinerary between the Bourdieu, Butler and Benjamin’s thought”. The work was the result of my collaboration with the interdisciplinary research group “Sophiapol” at the University Paris X where I spent 6 months during 2012. Before starting the PhD, I did a stage at the delegation of Tuscany region in Brussels, training on social policies. I worked also in the local editorial staff of a national journal writing on local politics.

In 2013 I published for the journal Studi Culturali (n.3, 2013), a review of J. Butler and A. Athanasiou’s book “Dispossession: the performative in the political”.


Supervisor: Professor Donatella della Porta


Research Project

I work on urban social movements analysing their relationship with the spatial characteristic of urban fabric. My supervisor is professor Donatella della Porta and My PhD research is titled “Performing the right to the city through the ‘free spaces’. Practices of resistance in urban social movements”. The project inquiries into the different practices of resistance performed by urban social movements, in the post-crisis period, in reclaiming the “right to the city”. In particular, my project focuses on the practices of resistance that current urban movements enact creating “free spaces”(Polletta 1999) inside the controlled and hegemonic urban fabric. The challenge of distribution and reproduction of the space results to be the main goal of urban movements but also the condition that shapes their features. In the first descriptive part of the work I aim at providing a sort of inventory of the current movements, associations and committees involved in urban struggles. In the second and explanatory one the goal is to investigate the link between these performance and the socio-spatial configuration of the environment in which they take place. The research is conducted at the neighbourhood level of two European cities: Rome and Paris, using quantitative and qualitative methods of analysis.


Research interests: social movements, urban studies, social theory, political sociology, theory of spatiality.



In 2013 I published for the review by Il Mulino Studi Culturali (n.3, 2013) the review of J Butler and A. Athanasiou’s book “Dispossession: the performative in the political”.