2. Grant information

The scholarship for the PhD course will be paid in 12 deferred equal monthly instalments, subject to the fulfilment of students’ academic duties. For the academic year 2018-2019 the scholarship is equal to 15,012.00 euros including a lodging allowanceIn addition, full coverage of all research expenses (including visiting research periods, conferences, and summer schools).

Successful candidates who are citizens of countries not belonging to the European Union will be reimbursed for the travelling expenses incurred for the start of the course to a maximum of 1,000.00 euros and on presentation of original and fiscally valid expense receipts, including boarding passes. They can also present a justified request for an advance on the first instalment of the scholarship grant.

PhD students from countries not belonging to the European Union can request, within a year from the end of the course, reimbursement of expenses incurred for their return to their country of provenance, again up to a maximum of 1,000.00 euros and on presentation of original and fiscally valid expense receipts, including boarding passes.

3. Requirements (degree, language skills etc.)

Applications for admission are invited from candidates who, irrespective of their citizenship, have an Italian laurea magistrale or an equivalent degree from a non-Italian university, or who expect to have obtained the degree required for admission by October 31, 2018.

Admission to the call is restricted to candidates who:

  1. were born after October 31, 1988;
  2. have no past criminal charges against them resulting in a prison term of more than three years;
  3. have not been subject to the disciplinary measure of “expulsion” as specified in the didactic and internal regulations of the SNS;
  4. are not in possession of a research doctorate issued by an Italian university, and in any case have never  benefitted from a scholarship to attend a research doctorate course in Italy.
4. Research Proposal

The applicant should submit a research project written in English (20,000 characters approximate limit, spaces included). The research project must reveal candidates’ scientific interests and their cohesion with the scientific lines upheld by the Scuola Normale, although this project will not be a determining factor in their subsequent choice of the thesis. The project must show candidates’ full awareness of the state of the art in the selected scientific field and competence in the research methods within the discipline, and must include an adequate bibliography.

5. Required documents

Candidates must indicate the names and email addresses of at least two academics, to whom the  SNS will apply for a reference in support of their candidature.

Candidates must enclose with their application the following documents in PDF format:

  1. a valid copy of identity card (citizens of countries not belonging to the European Union should preferably enclose a copy of a valid passport, including the pages bearing a photograph, personal details, passport number, place and date of issue);
  2. curriculum vitae et studiorum  in the Europass – CV format, available at the following web site: http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/europass/home/hornav/Downloads/EuropassCV/CVTemplate.csp;
  3. their thesis for the “laurea magistrale” (MA/MS degree) or overseas equivalent, accompanied by an abstract in English language; candidates who do not submit their degree certificate by the application deadline for admission are required to present an extended abstract in Italian or in English (of not more than around 25,000 characters spaces included); the extended abstract is also compulsory when the thesis is printed in a language other than Italian or English.
  4. diploma supplement or equivalent document issued by the university: the list of the exams with the relative marks, the final grade of the MA/MS degree and the date it was attained; candidates who have obtained an equivalent degree outside Italy in a country not belonging to the European Union must enclose a certificate of attainment of the degree translated into English if the original is in another language;
  5. a copy of publications if any;
  6. the research project as described in paragraph 4.
6. Deadlines

Applications for admission to the selection process must be registered on-line by 23:59 CET of 28 February 2018.

The online procedure will be available on the SNS web site at the address https://serse.sns.it/en/. For each session, all applications received and registered online after the above mentioned date and time will be rejected whatever the cause of delay.

Candidates are advised not to wait until the last few days before the deadline to present their application; the University cannot accept responsibility for any malfunctioning due to technical problems, overloading of the communication line and/or the application systems, for communications that go astray on account of incorrect indications in the application or errors ascribed to third parties, accidental circumstances or force majeure. The application must include, in addition to personal details, forwarding addresses and proof of qualification for admission, and the discipline – or disciplines – for which the candidate intends to compete.

7. Selection Procedure

For the evaluation of candidates’ aptitude for scientific research and their basic skills to tackle the course program, the evaluation boards will have 100 points at its disposal for each candidate, 60 for the evaluation of their qualifications and 40 for the interview. Candidates will be admitted to the oral interview if they achieve at least 40 points in the evaluation of their qualifications. To pass the interview, candidates must achieve at least 30 points. Candidates are required to pass the interview to achieve the suitability for the PhD courses.

The admission interviews will be done in Italian or English. For the PhD courses in Methods and models for molecular scinces and in Political science and sociology the interview will be conducted only in English.

The outcome of the evaluation of qualifications and admission to the interview will be published by 15 March 2018.

8. FAQ