Michele Pergola


Michele Pergola




I was born in Milan in 1986. I enrolled in the Università Statale of Milan in 2005. I received the Laurea Triennale in International Sciences and European Institutions in 2008, and the Laurea Magistrale in International Relations in 2012. My master thesis dealt with the concepts of military occupation and international territorial administration.


PhD supervisor: Professor Leonardo Morlino


Research title: “The reconstruction of tax systems in the Western Balkans”


Research project

The research project aims to study the international actors’ role in the reform process of administrative structures in four Western Balkan countries (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, FYROM). The main focus is the revenue extraction strength by these States, considered as a pillar of the state-building process that followed the political transition from communism and the separation from ex-Yugoslavia. I will compare through qualitative methods the results of the different forms of international intervention and engagement, looking in particular at the interaction between the mainly inter-state dynamics and the domestic ones.